Starside Celebrity Resort: The game with 1 million installs.


Starsde Icon Groove Rock GearPuzzle games over the last decade have gained popularity among gamers. This is due to the effect of games like candy crush which has taken their audiences and slowly became a household name. However, in recent times, puzzle games has taken a different dimension. This dimension is vividly showed the new starside resort celebrity game.

This game combines the puzzle which usually involves matching three or more things which are the same colors to progress and includes hidden bonuses along the way. Also, along with the puzzle game, also comes a very unique storyline which sees you take up the mantle of ownership of a resort which is on a sharp decline. You are given the job to try to improve the condition of this resort and transform it into a beautiful resort with a lot of tourist actions and admirers.

The game comes with an assistant whose name is Veronica Stern which the main job is to guide you during your first time in the game. This makes it easy to play and understand. The game would charge the owner of the resort with the task of;

  • Building different types of infrastructures which would improve the status of the resort. These infrastructures may very well include hotel facilities
  • Changing the scenery and how the environment around your resort looks like according to your taste and preference. This leads to your resorts more unique and presentable.

Starside Puzzle GameThis game is free to play but that doesn’t really tell the whole story. More features of the game can be accessed by having virtual coins. This can enable you to recharge or have your lives back after it has been exhausted and has other additional benefits.

This game is really addictive and no one likes to be interrupted midway through the game with talks about getting virtual coins you can continue playing. This irritation has subsequently to other sites produce starside celebrity resort hack which has taken the internet and fans of this game by storm.

This hack usually include such features as having unlimited coins, having more options when changing the scenery of the game and lots more. This hack would reveal the secrets of the celebrities which visit the resort well faster than the normal app. This is really exciting for gamers who played this game before.

The hack is usually available on multiple sites online which provides different varieties of hacks and cheats for this game making the game though probably less legal but more enjoyable for the public.

Most sites also claim to be able to generate coins by using the coin generator. It remains to be seen whether this actually works or not. Sidestar celebrity resort hack or not, this game is absolutely amazing and had delighted all of its users and gamers.

Therefore, if you are bored or have nothing doing in your leisure hours or if you just love gaming, sidestar celebrity resort game may just be what you need and for knows, maybe the hack could just turn to an absolute delight!

Your Groove Rock Gear Team 😉

7 tricks to stay alive on Fortnite Battle Royale

Landing Zone, Equipment … You are given seven tips to stay alive on the Fortnite Royal Battle Mode.

Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode is a daunting challenge, even for an experienced player. It’s frantic, funny, frustrating. Mistakes are not forgiven. Many new places were added during the last update. Skyscrapers, underground caves and whatnot. Hence, the interest of staying alive. More than 5 minutes, if possible.

For your beautiful eyes, we spent a few hours being ducked, trapped and fooled by other players smarter than us. The goal? Give you seven tips to stay alive in Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode.

Nr.1 Build smartly

Several things differentiate Fortnite from other royale battle games. You can always build buildings during the game. To stay alive, you have to learn how to navigate the menu very quickly, while moving around and keeping an eye on what’s going on around it. At first, it may seem tricky. You will avoid doing it because it can make you lose some precious milliseconds. In fact, it can save your life.

You are not asked to build a three-floor mansion, eh. Especially a clever small building is going to have fun shooting rockets on it. However, building a wall and a few stairs can help. To protect yourself, stay covered or recharge.

Nr.2 Go High

In the last update, new spots have been added to the map. The most impressive place? Tilted Towers, a city located near the center. Armored with towers, this highly contested zone is ideal for landing. However, you have to have enough skills to survive. You will find a lot of chests in this area. Moreover, it offers a breathtaking view of the surroundings. Convenient, especially when you have a weapon with a viewfinder.

Stay on Higher Points - Fortnite

When you leave Tilted Towers, the best way to test the terrain is to build buildings. A double-edged technique since it draws attention to you. Building a staircase will allow you to breathe a little, gain height and spot your enemies. If you have a sniper rifle, it’s even better.

Nr.3 Manage your equipment

As soon as you land, you have to stay in motion. We often think we are on the toughest players in late game, but that’s wrong. The first minutes of the game are much more dangerous.

99 players on the map, it’s 99 ways to die. At this point in the game – the card is bigger. A player may benefit because he has, by chance, found a weapon with a decent range. When one has (that love) a pickaxe to defend oneself, it’s complicated.

Choose your Weapon Smart - Fortnite

It can be tempting (and advised, let’s be honest) to recover all the weapons you see. In fact, defending yourself with a pistol is not necessarily more effective than a pickaxe, especially if you have trouble managing this type of weapon. Remember that a shotgun is only effective at close range that rockets should not be fired on the ground, and everything will be fine. It seems obvious, but in the heat of the moment, we can make mistakes with a weapon that we do not control. Manage your inventory and classify your weapons smartly.

Nr.4 Choose your landing zone carefully

This is important, and it can drastically increase your life expectancy. This is the first factor to consider when establishing a strategy. If you play in a squad or with friends, for example, it is better that all players jump from the bus at the same time and remain grouped during the landing, to regroup quickly.

Choose Langind Zone - Fortnite

We must also anticipate the next confrontation. Squatter cities and residential areas can be tempting, for the simple reason that they house a lot of equipment. However, they are also extremely controversial. If you are a beginner or a sniper, it’s in your interest to land in a less contested area. Go to Moisty Mire for a dip, for example. You will have more time to equip yourself properly. Watch out for the storm anyway.

Nr.5 Keep a cool head

Thanks to its cartoon style and humorous side, Fortnite is not as intense and stressful as PUBG.

That said, it can be difficult to keep calm when you are one of the last survivors. When the storm gets bigger and the live players are either very strong or very lucky. Keep in mind that at this point in the game, veterans take a defensive stance and huddle up for the enemies to come to them. In late game, keeping a cool head becomes more important than a full loader. In the heat of the moment or panic, we make mistakes. And we die, miserably.

Even if you play aggressively, or your style of play is limited to the use of a rocket launcher, you should always anticipate the next clash. Fighting when you have little life or a bad position is not necessarily profitable. Taking a risk reveals your position. Stay cool, stay calm, and do not get into a thing if you cannot get to the end.

Nr.6 Open your eyes and listen

Always open your eyes and listen. The more noise you make, the less you hear what’s going on, and the sound of the game matters to Fortnite. If you listen carefully to the beeps, you will rarely be caught off by your opponents.

Also, look for clues left by other players. A half-felled tree, or the presence of buildings, for example. It proves that a player has recently passed in the corner. Keep in mind that most players will get closer to the center as the game progresses, and this is a good way to track opponents’ movements and surprise them. Of course, many players are familiar with Fortnite mechanics, and the smartest will leave clues to trap you.

Nr.7 Use premium skins

By using premium skins you will be able to hide better, its is very important to not be spotted by an enemy in fortnite, however, you will need to use fortnite hack to get free v-Bucks in order to buy those premium skins.

Buy Fortnite Skins - Fortnite

There is many players using cheating tools and generating v-Bucks, so it is not necessary to spend your real money to get some. I will add a video about how to use fortnite cheats on the top of this article, watch it and you will see how easy is to get this resources and to obtain your warrior with a brand new skin 😉

Have fun guys, see you later next week!

The Groove Rock Gear Team.


Marvel Strike Force: Beginner’s Tips for the New Superhero Fight!

Heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe are beating each other in the new action RPG Marvel Strike Force. We have the best tips for your successful entry.

For some days, the superheroes and villains from the Marvel Universe again beat through the App Store and Google Play Store – the release of Marvel Strike Force. Are you also in superhero fever and have you always wanted to beat up Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man and Co Loki, Elektra, Doctor Strange and others? With our beginner tips for the new action RPG this will work out!

Team up cleverly

The primary goal in Marvel Strike Force is to put together a powerful team. After you first start with only three heroes in the game, you gradually release more and more Marvel characters. The max amount of characters is five men’s (or woman’s) strong team put together.

Marvel Strike Force Choose your squad

Make sure your team achieves the best possible team effort. You should also keep the individual classes, of which there are five pieces (protection, ranged combat, melee combat, support and control), unconsidered and cleverly put together to benefit from their advantages. Sometimes it may make sense to leave a weaker character in the team if they bring along a meaningful special ability (e.g. healing). In addition, some characters improve each other.

Optimize training and equipment

If you have gained training modules, this also applies. So, you can train individual members of your team. The training makes them better and lets them increase the level. Make sure that you train your heroes in the best possible way and equip them with as much equipment as possible. This maximizes your level and equipment class – and increases your team strength.

Marvel Strike Force Train your Heroes

Targeted attack

Use the right strategy. Concentrate in the duels with the enemy teams on an opponent at the moment. Destroy them one after the other. So, you decimated the number of opponents one by one and also reduces the damage to be taken. Incidentally, the order of actions in the turn-based combat is determined by the pace of the characters, symbolized by the blue bars under the health indicator.

Marvel Strike Force Target your Enemy

Some characters have small icons over their health bar from time to time. It gives you valuable hints and should be included in choosing your next target. Attacking an opponent with Z. For example, if you counterattack, you should not attack him (if possible) with a teammate who is already badly battered. This could mean his end …

Skillfully exploiting skills

Each hero has a fighting role feature as well as a standard ability and one or more special abilities. Touch the small icons for a long time to get more information about the special skills. Only if you know them, you can use them effectively.

While you can use the standard actions on every turn attacks, the special abilities have a certain cooldown. This means that they can only be used again in a few rounds. Therefore, use them sparingly and only if they bring you a clear advantage. It makes no sense to squish a special attack on an almost defeated opponent, even if the standard attack is to the knockout enough.

Medics heal other team members as special abilities. You should not use this too early, but not too late as well. If you heal too soon, you cannot benefit from the maximum benefit and lose an attack option – albeit a relatively weak one. On the other hand, if you use the healing ability too late, you risk the demise of one or more of your team members.

Accept challenges

After some time in the campaign, you unlock the events and challenges. These bring you particularly interesting rewards. Therefore, you should also pay attention to them. The same applies to the online fights, which are also waiting in different modes and have various advantages for you.

However, battles cost you each time a portion of your limited energy that recharges over time. The available quantity, however, increases gradually through step ascents. In addition, you will also receive further rewards.

Don’t forget daily rewards

Fulfills the daily goals to earn the advertised rewards. You don’t have time or desire to play a few laps a day? Nevertheless you should start the app at least for a short time. So, you collect the rewards of the registration calendar. You do not have to do anything for that other than take a look at the game. Also, in the area “Achievements” there are always loot, if you have fulfilled certain requirements.

Marvel Strike Force Daily Rewards

Check your Inbox

If you have unread messages in your mailbox (indicated by the small number in the red circle), you should take a look inside. Often in news waiting various rewards that you collect in a few simple steps. It would be a pity to let them expire.

Marvel Strike Force Check your Inbox

The same applies, of course, to the Orbs, which you can open from time to time in the Orb Chamber with accumulated power cores. There are also lucrative rewards waiting. Theoretically, you can unlock the orbs directly via purchased in-app currency. Of course, you can always use Marvel Strike Force hack if you do not want to invest money.

Invite Facebook friends

If you use Facebook to sign-in to the game with your account, there is another way to get rewards: a 3-star Daredevil, 500 Power Cores, and 50,000 Gold. If you do not want to miss this, go to the options in the upper right corner of the Home screen and then click on “Connect to Facebook”. Attention: The game will get access to your public profile as well as your e-mail address, but cannot post anything.

Marvel Strike Force Connect with Facebook

Was this article interesting for you? You can always leave your opinion in the comments field 😉

See you in few days with another game review!

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Sky Clash: Lords of Clans 3D Review by Our Team

Sky Clash: Lords of Clans 3D is a game that has been released just on iOS and Android (and incidentally Facebook) and yet, it has already attracted hundred thousands of players around the world. To help our community players who playing this game and improve the comfort of their gameplay, we propose the use of a cheat tool developed by our partners: Sky Clash Hack. This trick is obviously free since it aims to credit your gems account in an unlimited way …

About Sky Clash: Lords of Clans 3D

Sky Clash: Lords of Clans 3D is an MMO RPG and RTS available for free on the App Store and the Play Store. Also, available on Facebook, Sky Clash: Lords of Clans 3D is a complete game that offers entertaining and innovative gameplay.

Here, fight … in the sky! Sky Clash: Lords of Clans 3D is aptly named. The goal is to build an empire arranged on several micro islands hidden in the clouds. We can easily compare Sky Clash: Lords of Clans 3D to other strategic games of the same kind: Divine Academy or Final Heroes

Multiplayer, Sky Clash: Lords of Clans 3D allows you to deploy your strategy in a very well done PvP mode. You can also create your own alliance and try to loot enemy island resources.

In the imaginary world of Steampunk, you will have to defend your village by meticulously choosing the placement of your structures.

Along with the development of your future kingdom, you will need to ensure that your troops are frequently upgraded: magicians, barbarians and dwarves must be in shape to fight against high-level enemy armies.

The use of gems will allow you to not have to wait endless hours for the improvement of your units. Extra comfort of the gameplay thanks to our friends who developed this amazing trick! We hope you enjoy 😉

While waiting for the release of our next game review, we wish you to spend good time on Sky Clash: Lords of Clans 3D.

Sky Clash Battle with Other Players

Gameplay Review by Groove Rock Gear

To begin the game of Sky Clash, you need to build your main base by surrounding it with cannons to keep it safe from other players who can attack you at any moment even if you are offline . It is an multiplayer game that features many players. The beginning of the game might look easy, but as you reach new levels, it becomes extremely difficult to defend your base from the outside enemies. That’s why you should consider about cheats and tricks, google for Sky Clash strategies and you will find some good ideas on how to stay secure while you are not playing the game. There are several secrets that you will discover as you keep progressing in the game. Overall, Sky Clash is an addictive MMO RPG/RTS game that will keep you hooked to your screens. The game can be enjoyed by people of all age groups, but its better if you have experience from similar games.

Depending on your preferences, you can put on the sound effects, HD graphics and music in the game and enjoy full quality of the game. The 3D mode of the screen can also be scrolled easily by using three fingers. It has You can link your device to transfer your account or to play on two devices simultaneously,

Sky Clash Groove Rock Geat Gameplay

Listed Below Are Some Effective Tips That You Should Follow For Making Sky Clash Game Enjoyable:

  • You can create your clan and invite your friends so that they can help you in developing your base and attacking other players.
  • Try googling for other players strategies and step-by-step guides on how to build a safe base.
  • There are some Steam and Gold resources that can be used in building units or soldiers.
  • The game offers multiple decoration choices which will add beauty to your sky village, they can be obtained only with gems.
  • Every day when you logging in to your game you get 2 gems for free.
  • Connect to facebook or rate the game app and get up to 30 gems.
  • Check achievements, maybe you already completed some and can collect your gems rewards. There a lot of them and its not hard to complete them.
  • Upgrade military airport to be able produce more troops for attacking other players.


Overall, Sky Clash is not very easy game that can be played at leisure or short intervals. It is not necessary to complete all levels in a single day, however, you should complete at least few achievements to get your gems and it is very important resource. You can enjoy the game for several months. You may require innumerable tries for destroying your enemies. You should not lose hope and keep trying it. Eventually, you will make through it and feel proud of your playing skills. So, keep playing and enjoying our Sky Clash review!


The Groove Rock Gear Team.

Flick Arena Game App Review

Why use tricks and tips on Flick Arena?

To put the odds on your side for your duels, you will have to buy extra gems. Winning your duels, you can get some, but in very small quantities compared to your needs.

This is the whole principle of games designated free-to-play / pay-to-win. This is a clever marketing strategy by the publishers of the game that is to take a maximum of money in the pockets of the players. Also, to counter the payments you need to make to get gems on Flick Arena you will have to use the website like HanSpiele (German version).

In addition to the economic aspect of the generator, it is important to note that our cheat tool is a 100% secure code that protects you from publisher banns. Equipped with a hyper-efficient security system, it will ensure your cyber protection during and even after the generation of parts on Flick Arena.

This security system is broken down into two elements: on the one hand, the anti-robot test that verifies your identity (so that our generator does not confuse you with malicious software). On the other hand, it is the transparency filter that will really bring you maximum security.

For this set to be efficient, you must activate it by taking inspiration from the video example that we published at the top of this article. For the rest, simply follow the instructions we have established in the following paragraph!

Groove Rock Gear game reviews

About the game

Developed and edited by Flaregames (a studio that also created famous games like Olympus Rising or Non Stop Knight), Flick Arena is a strategy arcade game. Available on the App Store and the Play Store for free download, you can also enjoy the game via Facebook where you will have access to all its news.

In this mobile game, you will have to play duels in multiplayer 1 against 1. The peculiarity of the game is that it is affordable at all levels and can gather a large number of players.

Flick Arena offers the player to build a solid deck through which he can deploy outstanding strategies! Before each duel, you can build a deck and quickly overcome your enemies.

The strategy you decide to put in place should take into account the difficulties posed by the different arenas in which you will deliver your fights.

Thanks to the gems generated through our hack, you will get free and unlimited gold coins. What you need to ensure long games on Flick Arena! We hope you enjoy! See you tomorrow on TomNa Games to discover the next tip that we reserve for you! Your games are far from over.

Homescapes App Review

You can now download this match for the apparatus predicated on almost any os such as Android, i-OS, along with Windows.

While this match is growing so popular, such as its cousin match Gardenscapes, we’ve successfully built Homescapes Cheats load for its clients to attain Endless Stars, Coins, and Lives to their own account. After a enormous victory of Gardenscapes, Playrix includes exactly the exact same game set referred to as Homescapes. This match has been launched first on July 26th,2017, In Canada, for just i-OS phones to look at its audience reply before discharging it into the global on Sept 19th 20 17.

Homescapes Coins Hack

Homescapes Games

Are you really found that which you would like to be familiar with Homescapes match and satisfied? This Homescapes Twist Hack tool really is a master piece, and everybody else is happy with it. There are tons of those users make use of this generator to receive components of this game. His residence is decorated by complete tasks. Such bring in diamonds and stars to purchase material for the home of Austin like fresh carpeting for the family room arm-chair because of his materials. She or he will search choices to acquire resources .

You realize nothing is hopeless, and also with some knowledge and expertise, every thing can get invented in the world today. As everyone probably knows, to obtain Lives Coins, and Stars; it’s quite expensive in this match. Everyone else can’t afford to cover it. If they does not have any income or no consent to make use of the credit card what if you do? Go-ahead !! Share this info with your coworkers and colleagues and allow them to also benefit from working with this procedure, by bringing in free coins and stars by simply utilizing this superb Homescapes Hack.

Since you progress from the sport, you’ll be able to unlock new chambers of your home. It’s an enjoyable game like Gardenscapes, and a number people love this match when playingwith. It participates us nicely in drama whilst completing tasks such as, do not forget that game-play of such as we play in Candy Crush Saga and set 3 or more games of candies to burst them and collect things. Here there is. Benefits of employing Homescapes Hack and Cheats Tool

simple to make use of: this application is quite user friendly due to its userfriendly capacities. Anybody with no or limited understanding of hacking can figure out how to use it.
Easy recommendations to comprehend: you’re going to be able acquainted with that if you are by using this particular generator, it is going to steer you how to fill the credentials up and then run the generator itself.
Immediate Generation Procedure: Contrary to other generators that are dumb, this internet tool employs High Rate Bonded Servers to execute its own task and handles to supply you prompt Stars and Coins to get Homescapes.

Homescapes Coins

The Way To Utilize Homescapes Hack Effortlessly?

He has made a decision to keep with his dad and mom living in his residence, and re live those memories of his own childhood. However he found his dwelling has become cluttered. He chose to rekindle his residence, and you’re likely to help him doing in the match.

Below You’ll Find a Stepbystep Guide to utilizing Homescapes Hack Cheats Generator to Receive boundless Coins and Stars to get Homescapes game. Unlock regions Play unlimited with Lives, of the match and possess an even more decorative solution with replacements of materials and furniture . It is also possible to decide to try to find those tools free using Homescapes Mod Apk.

Gardenscapes game is all about decorating your Garden; by employing a variety of tools given while in the match, also improving it detail by detail to create your garden look much better than previously, Yet Homescapes match is all about improving and decorating your own Home (the name it self really helps you to comprehend).

Homescapes free coins

Intro to Homescapes Game and Its Own Basic Tasks

Just one draw back with the game is that it costs quite definitely RealMoney to obtain lives and coins. So that you may can buy them, it ought to be cheap to everybody. An networking feature will permit one to get the face-book from the game. Without getting it you are able to stick to the characters. Additionally you will find 400 degrees came in the match which are intriguing.

And a thing is you may use make Walnunts and Lather. And so the overall game story line starts using all our personality Austin that the Butler, that came straight back into his previous home after so many decades, where he climbed up from the youth and it has plenty of good memories out of his property.

Should Yes? Subsequently, This Homescapes Hack Tool is more safe to utilize by the manner, because its own build by the utmost professional group of programmers. Your safety is ensured by us and that’s the reason this tool works on our site, and that you also don’t have to download anything. It’s simpler than anybody generate tools that are instant for your own accounts and are able to take advantage of it. Obtaining Coins and Stars is very expensive and not affordable.

However, if there’s an alternative solution open to receive those resources then why don’t you to make use of the source to find celebrities and coins for Homescapes of course when it’s reliable too? The Homescapes on the Web Hack Generator is your best example of the creation. This tool has been analyzed often days by us before running it. You’ll rest sure that you will get your level of Coins and Stars with no difficulty to get Homescapes match.

In our opinion, you are able to easily opt for Homescapes Warriors to receive free Coins, Lives and also Stars in infinite numbers for the accounts. This generator is a means of collecting items that are absolutely free and with them to move in Homescapes. It’s our commitment that, as soon as you generate and try your very first batch you use, also may pay a visit to with this amazing site by yourself in long run this procedure, over and over, for more match items. That means as you desire you may unlock the chambers of the home of Austin and decorate them. Since you’ll have coins and stars, you can buy what to displace in your house.

  • Get the Homescapes on the Web Generator available on This Site.
  • Place your username into the username area.
  • Select your apparatus like I-OS, Android or even Windows to support.
  • Decide on a range of tools that you would like to build.
  • Run the generator and then Await a Few moments.
  • When generator completes the own process, assess your established tools from the accounts.

Give it a go and learn how it works for you personally. We bet you invite us and may comment down. If you continue to be in desperation, then you go ahead and generate the resources.

For Germany visitors, please visit our Homescapes Cheats Deutsch article!


Homescapes: Is it good strategy to play without coins?


Homescapes GrooveHello everyone and welcome back to Groove Rock Gear. Today I will show you many useful things for Homescapes and how to get free in-game resources.

After the success of Gardenscapes, Playrix Games decided to move the action of your garden to the house. Basically, you will decorate the interior of the house rather than the scenery. The game retains the same recipes, Austin will be next to you and you will solve the puzzles.

If you played Gardenscapes, then this game will feel very familiar. You follow the map and solve the puzzles. Each step you have completed will give you a star that will unlock the next level. Of course, you can spend these stars to complete the tasks by the house. Austin will help you on this issue.

Anyway, the game is fun and addictive, but it has a major problem. As in Gardenscapes, the coins are in very limited quantities. You will not get enough coins at the end of the levels. During our tests we were able to get 70 coins at the end of a very good game. You can imagine how hard it will be for you in the later stages if you are low on the coins. Likewise, unlimited lives will be good.

How to get free coins on Homescapes

We have found Homescapes cheats video where you can generate free and unlimited coins. After many testings, we finally can tell you that this is real. The tool runs on the same algorithms as the other cheats you can seeHomescapes Rock around the web with some minor improvements. No errors will be displayed due to many users at the same time. Just remember that only coins can be generated, if you see hacks or cheats which give lives, then run away from that page, as it is impossible to get this resource in any way.

Why people is cheating?

We have very simple answer. So, you will not have to pay for coins with your real money. If you want to do this, do not read any further. I will show you what prices are right now:

  • Piggy Bank with Coins$13.99
  • Pot of Coins$27.99
  • Crate Full of Coins$54.99
  • Chest Full of Coins$139.99

Are you ready for that? I do not think so. This is why cheating is a must for you. You will most likely get stuck on a certain level and what would you do then. Unlimited coins are now at your disposal. Decorate the mansion as you like because you will not have any obstacles.

What do we think about this game

Homescapes StarBefore publishing we were thinking should we write about cheats, we tried the game for a few days to see how it works. Here is our youtube video and opinion on the game:

The game is very captivating and it could create an addiction. It is very complex with levels a bit too hard. There is no daily wheel for free bonuses. You will need to manage your rewards with great care. For example, at the beginning, do not waste your free amplifiers. You will need it later. In conclusion, we can say that editors has increased the difficulty of forcing you to buy additional resources (coins, stars, lives). We do not like that. Our Homescapes tips and strategy guide will help you avoid this.

Homescapes is a long-term game that interacts with players through its history. Excellent graphics that will put you in the mansion with Austin. The game is available on Android and iOS.


Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: the best FF of recent years would it be on mobile?

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Square Enix’s policy on mobile gaming is something quite fascinating to observe. On the one hand, the publisher floods the market of remake and other portages with variable qualities, all at prohibitive prices history to harness as much as possible the wallet of nostalgic players. On the other hand, Squenix regularly releases original games or spins offs entirely conceived for the mobile, some of very high quality. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is part of this second category. Created in collaboration with Alim Co., which has proved its worth with Brave Frontier, this Final Fantasy is undoubtedly one of the greatest achievements of the publisher in terms of mobile. For even if he adopts the banal of a banal free to play, he ranks well above the mass of titles belonging to this genre. Better, this is one of the best mobile RPG available at the moment. If the game has just come out, we have scoured the grounds of Grandshelt for many hours during its Swedish soft launch. And the time has come for us to deliver our opinion.

Unlike many other RPGs adopting the form of free to play on mobile, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius has not forgotten to acquire a story. While it remains a relative classicism, it nevertheless remains well and pleasant to follow sketches between the main protagonists. To make it short, this Final Fantasy revolves around two main characters, Rain and Lasswel, knights in the service of the kingdom of Grandshelt. While they perform their duties as knights (saving the widow and the orphan, stalking the mantles, investigating strange phenomena, such things), they will soon be confronted with a cohort of knights determined to destroy the crystals which allow the world to maintain its stability. As we can imagine, this encounter will begin a larger quest that will lead our two comrades to trudge through mountains and valleys to restore peace and order. Nothing very original when you know a little Final Fantasy in short, but the care given to the narration pleases to see and demonstrates in the first seconds the envy of Square Enix to propose a complete game that pushes the boundaries of the eternal free-to-play.

Well done RPG under all reports

At first glance, Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius looks to be mistaken for any mobile RPG released in recent years. In a very classic way, a hero team is created and then sent to combat on different levels. The progression is done automatically, and there we meet different enemies that must be destroyed one after the other until falling on a boss. Everything very classical. At least until you fall on its first phase of exploration. After completing all the levels of a given environment, it is possible to freely explore this environment. There, you take direct control of your character who then evolves on a card full of random combats, resources to collect and secrets to discover. This simple addition already makes it possible to greatly enrich the gaming experience, and makes it possible to get closer to a more classic RPG. This is not the only step made by Final Fantasy Brave Exvius towards the sacrosanct RPG, as it also offers real cities to explore. Numerous, they also offer a wide area of ​​exploration containing numbers of secrets well hidden in the decor. Better yet, they have shops to equip themselves and NPCs that will distribute various quests bringing you many rewards that is very useful. And even if most of them boil down to the regular monster breaking or playing FedEx, it brings great diversity and depth rarely reached for a game like that. Let’s add to this a Coliseum that allows to fight hard against monsters in exchange for rewards, the Vortex of the Desires which allows to recover specific resources (gold, XP, materials), and when you complete the game, it becomes very difficult to let go.

Final Fantasy Brave ExviusHowever, what about the gaming experience, properly speaking you are probably asking yourself. Well, as you would expect, Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius is basically based on the different characters that make up our team. Building a team and evolving heroes will be paramount, and the least we can say is that optimization enthusiasts will be delighted, and we can spend a lot of time refining the equipment and the synergies of our team. By gaining experience, heroes can acquire many abilities or spells that they must learn to master. In addition to this, it will be possible to assign weapons, armor, accessories and additional abilities (according to their class) to each of them. Once the maximum level is reached, it will also be possible to evolve certain heroes who will then gain power, and will have access to all new assets. In combat, control is as simple to understand as complex to master. The combat screen is divided into two parts: the upper part reveals the heroes as well as the enemies while the lower part is entirely devoted to the information needed for combat. Pressing a character’s portrait will cause him to physically shoot at an opponent, while a swipe to the right will reveal his various skills that can then be used. Combat turn-by-turn forces, we can predict the actions of the whole team before launching everyone to the attack. Where things get complicated is that the order of attack of the characters, the skills, the type of weapon or magic used in this way all have an influence on the damage. Fighting therefore becomes rapid tactical, especially if one has not taken care to keep his team up to standard. Each character has its own limit, and it will be possible to assign Espers to the hero to increase their characteristics, give them additional skills, and, above all, intervene explosively during fighting. In short, this Final Fantasy mobile innocent in appearance proves to be extremely complete, and very soon taken as one puts the nose in.

On the realization side, this new mobile FF is doing quite well. Except for the few consequential aberrations caused by the global launch, the application remains extremely stable, and the servers strong enough not to crash inadvertently. And if the application consumes the battery of terminals fairly quickly (partly because of the constant connection to the servers), it has the merit of not transforming the phones into pocket heaters like many of its small comrades. The ergonomics of the title is undoubtedly the biggest worry of this Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Without being catastrophic, it is not necessarily the most practical when one has to navigate within it. For example, the interface dedicated to quests is so painful (the objectives are sometimes unclear, and it is sometimes nightmare to find which NPC has commissioned us). It will also be quite painful to navigate the equipment menus or within the materials, due in particular to the global lacks information (we would have liked to know or find a specific material) and a filter system badly thought. As many small details rather painful that come a little spoil the gaming experience. Where this FF shines on the other hand, it is at the graphic and sounds level. Graphically, the game is extremely pleasing to the eye. The backgrounds as well as the models of the characters are absolutely sublime and filled with small animations that delight at every moment. Sound side, also difficult to be disappointed to listen to the tracks concocted by Noriyasu Agematsu are absolutely fantastic and just listen to the fighting theme to be convinced.Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

In spite of the great qualities that Enlim Co. and Square Enix have infused into Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, the latter does not entirely escape its deep-rooted nature of free-to-play, and there are plenty of plotters typical for this genre. The stamina bar, which is discharged after each mission, limited inventory, the presence of a lottery to get new characters and good old premium currency are obviously part of the game. All these elements have enough to curb the ardor of many players both the model to give birth titles to shameless practices. Nevertheless, after many hours of play, difficult to criticize the way it is applied here. The incentive to buy is minimal here, and the game does not suffer from insurmountable difficulty peaks that artificially slows down the players progress. The stamina recharges well, so that one can regularly without taking the head or raging too frequently. Obviously, getting the best units of the game will require to disburse some precious Lapis (the local premium currency), but the game is generous enough so that one does not have to go to the cashier. However, if you feel taht you need those premium currency (Lapis and Gils) then you can search for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius cheats as there is plenty of websites offering their generators, I suggest you to use CheatsRoom as they have powerful security system and you will no need to worry about bans . As usual, involvement will be the key to success, but the effort is far from being binding as the creators of this Final Fantasy Brave Exvius has managed to create a rich, dense and balanced game in addition to being interesting.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

My last words about FF Brave Exvius:

After many hours of playing on this Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, one and only observation is obvious: Square-Enix has done an exemplary work there. Far from yielding to ease by delivering us an ersatz of Final Fantasy calibrated for the mobile phones, the publisher has allied with Alim Co., creator of the famous Brave Frontier to propose a mobile RPG of quality that exceeds the usual limits of the kind. Of course, there are plotters of free-to-play (energy gauge, limited inventory, shop), but these disappear in the face of the plethora of qualities of the title, so much so that sometimes I forgot that we are faced with a free game. The gameplay, which uses as a base the clichés of the genre, proves extremely deep and more tactical than it seems, which will surely delight the fans of RPG. Like the classic RPGs, this FF Brave Exvius offers many phases of explorations with their batches of random combats that gives a different dimension to the game. Better yet, these sequences got many secrets and other secondary quests that enrich a title already very complete while reinforcing the impression of being in front of a real RPG. A feat that is important to emphasize. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is definitely a success that will find its place in the heart of all the amateurs of Japanese RPG. And if you are refractory to free-to-play, place aside your prejudices the time to test it. You will see, you will not regret it.

RUINER: a rare intensity shooter

Ruiner review

It was almost three years that it was assembled in the studios of Reikon Games, a young Polish company made up of veterans of CD Projekt and Techland. And they knew how to make us salivate over time, up to this particularly classy trailer of the 2013 E3, aired during Devilver’s crazy conference. It’s now time to put our hands on RUINER, and it’s not about trembling.

It is about Dystopia

Indeed while I had documented myself on this title before launching it, as usual, I was not prepared for what was to follow? RUINER is a game of action and shooting, and even a twin-stick shooter for purists, putting us in the skin of a fairly increased crazy man. It is located in the fictitious megalopolis of Rengkok in 2091, where the firm HEAVEN makes a fortune in making escape the citizens in the Virtuality. Incidentally corrupted to the marrow, the company has – or seems to have – taken away the brother of our hero who, in search of truth and vengeance, will make the powder speak.

And the powder is gossiping. Hordes of punks, soldiers and robots will cross our path before repainting the vermilion floor-in any case, if one is capable of it. Very rigorous, but fair, RUINER constantly tests us by raining the balls, to avoid narrowly with a dash. The difficulty is crescendo and death ends up visiting us, but do not worry, we are promptly sent back to battle. To help us in our task, we have at our disposal a table of skills to be completed during the adventure. Based on a chip system, it allows us to enable / disable capabilities at any time; this modularity makes it possible to adapt to all situations. For my part, I focused my character on the Booster (kind of berserk mode) and the Reflex Amplifier (bullet time mode), but I switched on the Energy Shield for some bosses.

We understand where the copious development time has passed when we touch the perfectly oiled, complete and deep gameplay of RUINER; and we see moments of incredible strength, especially when we have to kill an army of enemies in a given time, each frightful eliminated offering us a few seconds of respite.

Ruiner overview

Beauty of the game

Ruiner GameIt should be noted that the presentation of the game is also for something, starting with music. Naturally electronic and industrial, it accompanies our actions with great accuracy and highlights the trance state of some clashes, sometimes taking tribal colors. The various composers have assembled a long soundtrack that unfolds like a mix always renewed; there will be few repetitions during the eight hours of game proposed by RUINER.

The sounds also know how to be more gentle and atmospheric when breathing, where we explore Rengkok City to take some missions and discover this dystopian world. Driven by artistic direction to fall to the ground, RUINER draws inspiration from Blade Runner, Akira and Ghost in the Shell in its atmosphere and its purpose – transhumanism and virtual reality, but also Matrix for its “fields” of human capsules and Metropolis for the concept of high / low city. All good, both in terms of universe as aesthetics, deliciously cyberpunk and neon. The particles are raining, the colors caress the retina in this swarming, brutal, but exciting world.

If RUINER will definitely score you with his panting adventure and his formidable final, his main fault would be simply not to give us even more! It can be raised once or twice with a higher difficulty and other skills, but we are not offered New Game +, infinite mode or multiplayer to flesh out the whole. In addition, the few auxiliary quests and the central hub could give hope for a broader, less linear title. In the radius of small disappointments, we will also point out a number of items in the decor, which are sometimes too chaotic to find one another (we pick up a weapon while we wanted to use the Recycler for example), an omnipresent, but forgettable scenario, impossibility-for the moment-to remap the keys, for us possessors of keyboards AZERTY.

My last few words about the RUINER

RUINER is the perfect choice to combine style and technique. If he multiplies the references to science fiction in a jewel of beauty, it does not fall into the simple aesthetic delusion by offering us a high-flying shooting experience, without respite and without mercy. The tour is so nice that we would appreciate being able to enjoy a little more with a more muscular content.

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