7 tricks to stay alive on Fortnite Battle Royale

Landing Zone, Equipment … You are given seven tips to stay alive on the Fortnite Royal Battle Mode.

Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode is a daunting challenge, even for an experienced player. It’s frantic, funny, frustrating. Mistakes are not forgiven. Many new places were added during the last update. Skyscrapers, underground caves and whatnot. Hence, the interest of staying alive. More than 5 minutes, if possible.

For your beautiful eyes, we spent a few hours being ducked, trapped and fooled by other players smarter than us. The goal? Give you seven tips to stay alive in Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode.

Nr.1 Build smartly

Several things differentiate Fortnite from other royale battle games. You can always build buildings during the game. To stay alive, you have to learn how to navigate the menu very quickly, while moving around and keeping an eye on what’s going on around it. At first, it may seem tricky. You will avoid doing it because it can make you lose some precious milliseconds. In fact, it can save your life.

You are not asked to build a three-floor mansion, eh. Especially a clever small building is going to have fun shooting rockets on it. However, building a wall and a few stairs can help. To protect yourself, stay covered or recharge.

Nr.2 Go High

In the last update, new spots have been added to the map. The most impressive place? Tilted Towers, a city located near the center. Armored with towers, this highly contested zone is ideal for landing. However, you have to have enough skills to survive. You will find a lot of chests in this area. Moreover, it offers a breathtaking view of the surroundings. Convenient, especially when you have a weapon with a viewfinder.

Stay on Higher Points - Fortnite

When you leave Tilted Towers, the best way to test the terrain is to build buildings. A double-edged technique since it draws attention to you. Building a staircase will allow you to breathe a little, gain height and spot your enemies. If you have a sniper rifle, it’s even better.

Nr.3 Manage your equipment

As soon as you land, you have to stay in motion. We often think we are on the toughest players in late game, but that’s wrong. The first minutes of the game are much more dangerous.

99 players on the map, it’s 99 ways to die. At this point in the game – the card is bigger. A player may benefit because he has, by chance, found a weapon with a decent range. When one has (that love) a pickaxe to defend oneself, it’s complicated.

Choose your Weapon Smart - Fortnite

It can be tempting (and advised, let’s be honest) to recover all the weapons you see. In fact, defending yourself with a pistol is not necessarily more effective than a pickaxe, especially if you have trouble managing this type of weapon. Remember that a shotgun is only effective at close range that rockets should not be fired on the ground, and everything will be fine. It seems obvious, but in the heat of the moment, we can make mistakes with a weapon that we do not control. Manage your inventory and classify your weapons smartly.

Nr.4 Choose your landing zone carefully

This is important, and it can drastically increase your life expectancy. This is the first factor to consider when establishing a strategy. If you play in a squad or with friends, for example, it is better that all players jump from the bus at the same time and remain grouped during the landing, to regroup quickly.

Choose Langind Zone - Fortnite

We must also anticipate the next confrontation. Squatter cities and residential areas can be tempting, for the simple reason that they house a lot of equipment. However, they are also extremely controversial. If you are a beginner or a sniper, it’s in your interest to land in a less contested area. Go to Moisty Mire for a dip, for example. You will have more time to equip yourself properly. Watch out for the storm anyway.

Nr.5 Keep a cool head

Thanks to its cartoon style and humorous side, Fortnite is not as intense and stressful as PUBG.

That said, it can be difficult to keep calm when you are one of the last survivors. When the storm gets bigger and the live players are either very strong or very lucky. Keep in mind that at this point in the game, veterans take a defensive stance and huddle up for the enemies to come to them. In late game, keeping a cool head becomes more important than a full loader. In the heat of the moment or panic, we make mistakes. And we die, miserably.

Even if you play aggressively, or your style of play is limited to the use of a rocket launcher, you should always anticipate the next clash. Fighting when you have little life or a bad position is not necessarily profitable. Taking a risk reveals your position. Stay cool, stay calm, and do not get into a thing if you cannot get to the end.

Nr.6 Open your eyes and listen

Always open your eyes and listen. The more noise you make, the less you hear what’s going on, and the sound of the game matters to Fortnite. If you listen carefully to the beeps, you will rarely be caught off by your opponents.

Also, look for clues left by other players. A half-felled tree, or the presence of buildings, for example. It proves that a player has recently passed in the corner. Keep in mind that most players will get closer to the center as the game progresses, and this is a good way to track opponents’ movements and surprise them. Of course, many players are familiar with Fortnite mechanics, and the smartest will leave clues to trap you.

Nr.7 Use premium skins

By using premium skins you will be able to hide better, its is very important to not be spotted by an enemy in fortnite, however, you will need to use fortnite hack to get free v-Bucks in order to buy those premium skins.

Buy Fortnite Skins - Fortnite

There is many players using cheating tools and generating v-Bucks, so it is not necessary to spend your real money to get some. I will add a video about how to use fortnite cheats on the top of this article, watch it and you will see how easy is to get this resources and to obtain your warrior with a brand new skin 😉

Have fun guys, see you later next week!

The Groove Rock Gear Team.


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