Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: the best FF of recent years would it be on mobile?

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Square Enix’s policy on mobile gaming is something quite fascinating to observe. On the one hand, the publisher floods the market of remake and other portages with variable qualities, all at prohibitive prices history to harness as much as possible the wallet of nostalgic players. On the other hand, Squenix regularly releases original games or spins offs entirely conceived for the mobile, some of very high quality. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is part of this second category. Created in collaboration with Alim Co., which has proved its worth with Brave Frontier, this Final Fantasy is undoubtedly one of the greatest achievements of the publisher in terms of mobile. For even if he adopts the banal of a banal free to play, he ranks well above the mass of titles belonging to this genre. Better, this is one of the best mobile RPG available at the moment. If the game has just come out, we have scoured the grounds of Grandshelt for many hours during its Swedish soft launch. And the time has come for us to deliver our opinion.

Unlike many other RPGs adopting the form of free to play on mobile, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius has not forgotten to acquire a story. While it remains a relative classicism, it nevertheless remains well and pleasant to follow sketches between the main protagonists. To make it short, this Final Fantasy revolves around two main characters, Rain and Lasswel, knights in the service of the kingdom of Grandshelt. While they perform their duties as knights (saving the widow and the orphan, stalking the mantles, investigating strange phenomena, such things), they will soon be confronted with a cohort of knights determined to destroy the crystals which allow the world to maintain its stability. As we can imagine, this encounter will begin a larger quest that will lead our two comrades to trudge through mountains and valleys to restore peace and order. Nothing very original when you know a little Final Fantasy in short, but the care given to the narration pleases to see and demonstrates in the first seconds the envy of Square Enix to propose a complete game that pushes the boundaries of the eternal free-to-play.

Well done RPG under all reports

At first glance, Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius looks to be mistaken for any mobile RPG released in recent years. In a very classic way, a hero team is created and then sent to combat on different levels. The progression is done automatically, and there we meet different enemies that must be destroyed one after the other until falling on a boss. Everything very classical. At least until you fall on its first phase of exploration. After completing all the levels of a given environment, it is possible to freely explore this environment. There, you take direct control of your character who then evolves on a card full of random combats, resources to collect and secrets to discover. This simple addition already makes it possible to greatly enrich the gaming experience, and makes it possible to get closer to a more classic RPG. This is not the only step made by Final Fantasy Brave Exvius towards the sacrosanct RPG, as it also offers real cities to explore. Numerous, they also offer a wide area of ​​exploration containing numbers of secrets well hidden in the decor. Better yet, they have shops to equip themselves and NPCs that will distribute various quests bringing you many rewards that is very useful. And even if most of them boil down to the regular monster breaking or playing FedEx, it brings great diversity and depth rarely reached for a game like that. Let’s add to this a Coliseum that allows to fight hard against monsters in exchange for rewards, the Vortex of the Desires which allows to recover specific resources (gold, XP, materials), and when you complete the game, it becomes very difficult to let go.

Final Fantasy Brave ExviusHowever, what about the gaming experience, properly speaking you are probably asking yourself. Well, as you would expect, Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius is basically based on the different characters that make up our team. Building a team and evolving heroes will be paramount, and the least we can say is that optimization enthusiasts will be delighted, and we can spend a lot of time refining the equipment and the synergies of our team. By gaining experience, heroes can acquire many abilities or spells that they must learn to master. In addition to this, it will be possible to assign weapons, armor, accessories and additional abilities (according to their class) to each of them. Once the maximum level is reached, it will also be possible to evolve certain heroes who will then gain power, and will have access to all new assets. In combat, control is as simple to understand as complex to master. The combat screen is divided into two parts: the upper part reveals the heroes as well as the enemies while the lower part is entirely devoted to the information needed for combat. Pressing a character’s portrait will cause him to physically shoot at an opponent, while a swipe to the right will reveal his various skills that can then be used. Combat turn-by-turn forces, we can predict the actions of the whole team before launching everyone to the attack. Where things get complicated is that the order of attack of the characters, the skills, the type of weapon or magic used in this way all have an influence on the damage. Fighting therefore becomes rapid tactical, especially if one has not taken care to keep his team up to standard. Each character has its own limit, and it will be possible to assign Espers to the hero to increase their characteristics, give them additional skills, and, above all, intervene explosively during fighting. In short, this Final Fantasy mobile innocent in appearance proves to be extremely complete, and very soon taken as one puts the nose in.

On the realization side, this new mobile FF is doing quite well. Except for the few consequential aberrations caused by the global launch, the application remains extremely stable, and the servers strong enough not to crash inadvertently. And if the application consumes the battery of terminals fairly quickly (partly because of the constant connection to the servers), it has the merit of not transforming the phones into pocket heaters like many of its small comrades. The ergonomics of the title is undoubtedly the biggest worry of this Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Without being catastrophic, it is not necessarily the most practical when one has to navigate within it. For example, the interface dedicated to quests is so painful (the objectives are sometimes unclear, and it is sometimes nightmare to find which NPC has commissioned us). It will also be quite painful to navigate the equipment menus or within the materials, due in particular to the global lacks information (we would have liked to know or find a specific material) and a filter system badly thought. As many small details rather painful that come a little spoil the gaming experience. Where this FF shines on the other hand, it is at the graphic and sounds level. Graphically, the game is extremely pleasing to the eye. The backgrounds as well as the models of the characters are absolutely sublime and filled with small animations that delight at every moment. Sound side, also difficult to be disappointed to listen to the tracks concocted by Noriyasu Agematsu are absolutely fantastic and just listen to the fighting theme to be convinced.Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

In spite of the great qualities that Enlim Co. and Square Enix have infused into Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, the latter does not entirely escape its deep-rooted nature of free-to-play, and there are plenty of plotters typical for this genre. The stamina bar, which is discharged after each mission, limited inventory, the presence of a lottery to get new characters and good old premium currency are obviously part of the game. All these elements have enough to curb the ardor of many players both the model to give birth titles to shameless practices. Nevertheless, after many hours of play, difficult to criticize the way it is applied here. The incentive to buy is minimal here, and the game does not suffer from insurmountable difficulty peaks that artificially slows down the players progress. The stamina recharges well, so that one can regularly without taking the head or raging too frequently. Obviously, getting the best units of the game will require to disburse some precious Lapis (the local premium currency), but the game is generous enough so that one does not have to go to the cashier. However, if you feel taht you need those premium currency (Lapis and Gils) then you can search for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius cheats as there is plenty of websites offering their generators, I suggest you to use CheatsRoom as they have powerful security system and you will no need to worry about bans . As usual, involvement will be the key to success, but the effort is far from being binding as the creators of this Final Fantasy Brave Exvius has managed to create a rich, dense and balanced game in addition to being interesting.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

My last words about FF Brave Exvius:

After many hours of playing on this Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, one and only observation is obvious: Square-Enix has done an exemplary work there. Far from yielding to ease by delivering us an ersatz of Final Fantasy calibrated for the mobile phones, the publisher has allied with Alim Co., creator of the famous Brave Frontier to propose a mobile RPG of quality that exceeds the usual limits of the kind. Of course, there are plotters of free-to-play (energy gauge, limited inventory, shop), but these disappear in the face of the plethora of qualities of the title, so much so that sometimes I forgot that we are faced with a free game. The gameplay, which uses as a base the clichés of the genre, proves extremely deep and more tactical than it seems, which will surely delight the fans of RPG. Like the classic RPGs, this FF Brave Exvius offers many phases of explorations with their batches of random combats that gives a different dimension to the game. Better yet, these sequences got many secrets and other secondary quests that enrich a title already very complete while reinforcing the impression of being in front of a real RPG. A feat that is important to emphasize. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is definitely a success that will find its place in the heart of all the amateurs of Japanese RPG. And if you are refractory to free-to-play, place aside your prejudices the time to test it. You will see, you will not regret it.

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