Homescapes: Is it good strategy to play without coins?


Homescapes GrooveHello everyone and welcome back to Groove Rock Gear. Today I will show you many useful things for Homescapes and how to get free in-game resources.

After the success of Gardenscapes, Playrix Games decided to move the action of your garden to the house. Basically, you will decorate the interior of the house rather than the scenery. The game retains the same recipes, Austin will be next to you and you will solve the puzzles.

If you played Gardenscapes, then this game will feel very familiar. You follow the map and solve the puzzles. Each step you have completed will give you a star that will unlock the next level. Of course, you can spend these stars to complete the tasks by the house. Austin will help you on this issue.

Anyway, the game is fun and addictive, but it has a major problem. As in Gardenscapes, the coins are in very limited quantities. You will not get enough coins at the end of the levels. During our tests we were able to get 70 coins at the end of a very good game. You can imagine how hard it will be for you in the later stages if you are low on the coins. Likewise, unlimited lives will be good.

How to get free coins on Homescapes

We have found Homescapes cheats video where you can generate free and unlimited coins. After many testings, we finally can tell you that this is real. The tool runs on the same algorithms as the other cheats you can seeHomescapes Rock around the web with some minor improvements. No errors will be displayed due to many users at the same time. Just remember that only coins can be generated, if you see hacks or cheats which give lives, then run away from that page, as it is impossible to get this resource in any way.

Why people is cheating?

We have very simple answer. So, you will not have to pay for coins with your real money. If you want to do this, do not read any further. I will show you what prices are right now:

  • Piggy Bank with Coins$13.99
  • Pot of Coins$27.99
  • Crate Full of Coins$54.99
  • Chest Full of Coins$139.99

Are you ready for that? I do not think so. This is why cheating is a must for you. You will most likely get stuck on a certain level and what would you do then. Unlimited coins are now at your disposal. Decorate the mansion as you like because you will not have any obstacles.

What do we think about this game

Homescapes StarBefore publishing we were thinking should we write about cheats, we tried the game for a few days to see how it works. Here is our youtube video and opinion on the game:

The game is very captivating and it could create an addiction. It is very complex with levels a bit too hard. There is no daily wheel for free bonuses. You will need to manage your rewards with great care. For example, at the beginning, do not waste your free amplifiers. You will need it later. In conclusion, we can say that editors has increased the difficulty of forcing you to buy additional resources (coins, stars, lives). We do not like that. Our Homescapes tips and strategy guide will help you avoid this.

Homescapes is a long-term game that interacts with players through its history. Excellent graphics that will put you in the mansion with Austin. The game is available on Android and iOS.


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