Marvel Strike Force: Beginner’s Tips for the New Superhero Fight!

Heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe are beating each other in the new action RPG Marvel Strike Force. We have the best tips for your successful entry.

For some days, the superheroes and villains from the Marvel Universe again beat through the App Store and Google Play Store – the release of Marvel Strike Force. Are you also in superhero fever and have you always wanted to beat up Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man and Co Loki, Elektra, Doctor Strange and others? With our beginner tips for the new action RPG this will work out!

Team up cleverly

The primary goal in Marvel Strike Force is to put together a powerful team. After you first start with only three heroes in the game, you gradually release more and more Marvel characters. The max amount of characters is five men’s (or woman’s) strong team put together.

Marvel Strike Force Choose your squad

Make sure your team achieves the best possible team effort. You should also keep the individual classes, of which there are five pieces (protection, ranged combat, melee combat, support and control), unconsidered and cleverly put together to benefit from their advantages. Sometimes it may make sense to leave a weaker character in the team if they bring along a meaningful special ability (e.g. healing). In addition, some characters improve each other.

Optimize training and equipment

If you have gained training modules, this also applies. So, you can train individual members of your team. The training makes them better and lets them increase the level. Make sure that you train your heroes in the best possible way and equip them with as much equipment as possible. This maximizes your level and equipment class – and increases your team strength.

Marvel Strike Force Train your Heroes

Targeted attack

Use the right strategy. Concentrate in the duels with the enemy teams on an opponent at the moment. Destroy them one after the other. So, you decimated the number of opponents one by one and also reduces the damage to be taken. Incidentally, the order of actions in the turn-based combat is determined by the pace of the characters, symbolized by the blue bars under the health indicator.

Marvel Strike Force Target your Enemy

Some characters have small icons over their health bar from time to time. It gives you valuable hints and should be included in choosing your next target. Attacking an opponent with Z. For example, if you counterattack, you should not attack him (if possible) with a teammate who is already badly battered. This could mean his end …

Skillfully exploiting skills

Each hero has a fighting role feature as well as a standard ability and one or more special abilities. Touch the small icons for a long time to get more information about the special skills. Only if you know them, you can use them effectively.

While you can use the standard actions on every turn attacks, the special abilities have a certain cooldown. This means that they can only be used again in a few rounds. Therefore, use them sparingly and only if they bring you a clear advantage. It makes no sense to squish a special attack on an almost defeated opponent, even if the standard attack is to the knockout enough.

Medics heal other team members as special abilities. You should not use this too early, but not too late as well. If you heal too soon, you cannot benefit from the maximum benefit and lose an attack option – albeit a relatively weak one. On the other hand, if you use the healing ability too late, you risk the demise of one or more of your team members.

Accept challenges

After some time in the campaign, you unlock the events and challenges. These bring you particularly interesting rewards. Therefore, you should also pay attention to them. The same applies to the online fights, which are also waiting in different modes and have various advantages for you.

However, battles cost you each time a portion of your limited energy that recharges over time. The available quantity, however, increases gradually through step ascents. In addition, you will also receive further rewards.

Don’t forget daily rewards

Fulfills the daily goals to earn the advertised rewards. You don’t have time or desire to play a few laps a day? Nevertheless you should start the app at least for a short time. So, you collect the rewards of the registration calendar. You do not have to do anything for that other than take a look at the game. Also, in the area “Achievements” there are always loot, if you have fulfilled certain requirements.

Marvel Strike Force Daily Rewards

Check your Inbox

If you have unread messages in your mailbox (indicated by the small number in the red circle), you should take a look inside. Often in news waiting various rewards that you collect in a few simple steps. It would be a pity to let them expire.

Marvel Strike Force Check your Inbox

The same applies, of course, to the Orbs, which you can open from time to time in the Orb Chamber with accumulated power cores. There are also lucrative rewards waiting. Theoretically, you can unlock the orbs directly via purchased in-app currency. Of course, you can always use Marvel Strike Force hack if you do not want to invest money.

Invite Facebook friends

If you use Facebook to sign-in to the game with your account, there is another way to get rewards: a 3-star Daredevil, 500 Power Cores, and 50,000 Gold. If you do not want to miss this, go to the options in the upper right corner of the Home screen and then click on “Connect to Facebook”. Attention: The game will get access to your public profile as well as your e-mail address, but cannot post anything.

Marvel Strike Force Connect with Facebook

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