RUINER: a rare intensity shooter

Ruiner review

It was almost three years that it was assembled in the studios of Reikon Games, a young Polish company made up of veterans of CD Projekt and Techland. And they knew how to make us salivate over time, up to this particularly classy trailer of the 2013 E3, aired during Devilver’s crazy conference. It’s now time to put our hands on RUINER, and it’s not about trembling.

It is about Dystopia

Indeed while I had documented myself on this title before launching it, as usual, I was not prepared for what was to follow? RUINER is a game of action and shooting, and even a twin-stick shooter for purists, putting us in the skin of a fairly increased crazy man. It is located in the fictitious megalopolis of Rengkok in 2091, where the firm HEAVEN makes a fortune in making escape the citizens in the Virtuality. Incidentally corrupted to the marrow, the company has – or seems to have – taken away the brother of our hero who, in search of truth and vengeance, will make the powder speak.

And the powder is gossiping. Hordes of punks, soldiers and robots will cross our path before repainting the vermilion floor-in any case, if one is capable of it. Very rigorous, but fair, RUINER constantly tests us by raining the balls, to avoid narrowly with a dash. The difficulty is crescendo and death ends up visiting us, but do not worry, we are promptly sent back to battle. To help us in our task, we have at our disposal a table of skills to be completed during the adventure. Based on a chip system, it allows us to enable / disable capabilities at any time; this modularity makes it possible to adapt to all situations. For my part, I focused my character on the Booster (kind of berserk mode) and the Reflex Amplifier (bullet time mode), but I switched on the Energy Shield for some bosses.

We understand where the copious development time has passed when we touch the perfectly oiled, complete and deep gameplay of RUINER; and we see moments of incredible strength, especially when we have to kill an army of enemies in a given time, each frightful eliminated offering us a few seconds of respite.

Ruiner overview

Beauty of the game

Ruiner GameIt should be noted that the presentation of the game is also for something, starting with music. Naturally electronic and industrial, it accompanies our actions with great accuracy and highlights the trance state of some clashes, sometimes taking tribal colors. The various composers have assembled a long soundtrack that unfolds like a mix always renewed; there will be few repetitions during the eight hours of game proposed by RUINER.

The sounds also know how to be more gentle and atmospheric when breathing, where we explore Rengkok City to take some missions and discover this dystopian world. Driven by artistic direction to fall to the ground, RUINER draws inspiration from Blade Runner, Akira and Ghost in the Shell in its atmosphere and its purpose – transhumanism and virtual reality, but also Matrix for its “fields” of human capsules and Metropolis for the concept of high / low city. All good, both in terms of universe as aesthetics, deliciously cyberpunk and neon. The particles are raining, the colors caress the retina in this swarming, brutal, but exciting world.

If RUINER will definitely score you with his panting adventure and his formidable final, his main fault would be simply not to give us even more! It can be raised once or twice with a higher difficulty and other skills, but we are not offered New Game +, infinite mode or multiplayer to flesh out the whole. In addition, the few auxiliary quests and the central hub could give hope for a broader, less linear title. In the radius of small disappointments, we will also point out a number of items in the decor, which are sometimes too chaotic to find one another (we pick up a weapon while we wanted to use the Recycler for example), an omnipresent, but forgettable scenario, impossibility-for the moment-to remap the keys, for us possessors of keyboards AZERTY.

My last few words about the RUINER

RUINER is the perfect choice to combine style and technique. If he multiplies the references to science fiction in a jewel of beauty, it does not fall into the simple aesthetic delusion by offering us a high-flying shooting experience, without respite and without mercy. The tour is so nice that we would appreciate being able to enjoy a little more with a more muscular content.

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