Sky Clash: Lords of Clans 3D Review by Our Team

Sky Clash: Lords of Clans 3D is a game that has been released just on iOS and Android (and incidentally Facebook) and yet, it has already attracted hundred thousands of players around the world. To help our community players who playing this game and improve the comfort of their gameplay, we propose the use of a cheat tool developed by our partners: Sky Clash Hack. This trick is obviously free since it aims to credit your gems account in an unlimited way …

About Sky Clash: Lords of Clans 3D

Sky Clash: Lords of Clans 3D is an MMO RPG and RTS available for free on the App Store and the Play Store. Also, available on Facebook, Sky Clash: Lords of Clans 3D is a complete game that offers entertaining and innovative gameplay.

Here, fight … in the sky! Sky Clash: Lords of Clans 3D is aptly named. The goal is to build an empire arranged on several micro islands hidden in the clouds. We can easily compare Sky Clash: Lords of Clans 3D to other strategic games of the same kind: Divine Academy or Final Heroes

Multiplayer, Sky Clash: Lords of Clans 3D allows you to deploy your strategy in a very well done PvP mode. You can also create your own alliance and try to loot enemy island resources.

In the imaginary world of Steampunk, you will have to defend your village by meticulously choosing the placement of your structures.

Along with the development of your future kingdom, you will need to ensure that your troops are frequently upgraded: magicians, barbarians and dwarves must be in shape to fight against high-level enemy armies.

The use of gems will allow you to not have to wait endless hours for the improvement of your units. Extra comfort of the gameplay thanks to our friends who developed this amazing trick! We hope you enjoy 😉

While waiting for the release of our next game review, we wish you to spend good time on Sky Clash: Lords of Clans 3D.

Sky Clash Battle with Other Players

Gameplay Review by Groove Rock Gear

To begin the game of Sky Clash, you need to build your main base by surrounding it with cannons to keep it safe from other players who can attack you at any moment even if you are offline . It is an multiplayer game that features many players. The beginning of the game might look easy, but as you reach new levels, it becomes extremely difficult to defend your base from the outside enemies. That’s why you should consider about cheats and tricks, google for Sky Clash strategies and you will find some good ideas on how to stay secure while you are not playing the game. There are several secrets that you will discover as you keep progressing in the game. Overall, Sky Clash is an addictive MMO RPG/RTS game that will keep you hooked to your screens. The game can be enjoyed by people of all age groups, but its better if you have experience from similar games.

Depending on your preferences, you can put on the sound effects, HD graphics and music in the game and enjoy full quality of the game. The 3D mode of the screen can also be scrolled easily by using three fingers. It has You can link your device to transfer your account or to play on two devices simultaneously,

Sky Clash Groove Rock Geat Gameplay

Listed Below Are Some Effective Tips That You Should Follow For Making Sky Clash Game Enjoyable:

  • You can create your clan and invite your friends so that they can help you in developing your base and attacking other players.
  • Try googling for other players strategies and step-by-step guides on how to build a safe base.
  • There are some Steam and Gold resources that can be used in building units or soldiers.
  • The game offers multiple decoration choices which will add beauty to your sky village, they can be obtained only with gems.
  • Every day when you logging in to your game you get 2 gems for free.
  • Connect to facebook or rate the game app and get up to 30 gems.
  • Check achievements, maybe you already completed some and can collect your gems rewards. There a lot of them and its not hard to complete them.
  • Upgrade military airport to be able produce more troops for attacking other players.


Overall, Sky Clash is not very easy game that can be played at leisure or short intervals. It is not necessary to complete all levels in a single day, however, you should complete at least few achievements to get your gems and it is very important resource. You can enjoy the game for several months. You may require innumerable tries for destroying your enemies. You should not lose hope and keep trying it. Eventually, you will make through it and feel proud of your playing skills. So, keep playing and enjoying our Sky Clash review!


The Groove Rock Gear Team.

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