Starside Celebrity Resort: The game with 1 million installs.


Starsde Icon Groove Rock GearPuzzle games over the last decade have gained popularity among gamers. This is due to the effect of games like candy crush which has taken their audiences and slowly became a household name. However, in recent times, puzzle games has taken a different dimension. This dimension is vividly showed the new starside resort celebrity game.

This game combines the puzzle which usually involves matching three or more things which are the same colors to progress and includes hidden bonuses along the way. Also, along with the puzzle game, also comes a very unique storyline which sees you take up the mantle of ownership of a resort which is on a sharp decline. You are given the job to try to improve the condition of this resort and transform it into a beautiful resort with a lot of tourist actions and admirers.

The game comes with an assistant whose name is Veronica Stern which the main job is to guide you during your first time in the game. This makes it easy to play and understand. The game would charge the owner of the resort with the task of;

  • Building different types of infrastructures which would improve the status of the resort. These infrastructures may very well include hotel facilities
  • Changing the scenery and how the environment around your resort looks like according to your taste and preference. This leads to your resorts more unique and presentable.

Starside Puzzle GameThis game is free to play but that doesn’t really tell the whole story. More features of the game can be accessed by having virtual coins. This can enable you to recharge or have your lives back after it has been exhausted and has other additional benefits.

This game is really addictive and no one likes to be interrupted midway through the game with talks about getting virtual coins you can continue playing. This irritation has subsequently to other sites produce starside celebrity resort hack which has taken the internet and fans of this game by storm.

This hack usually include such features as having unlimited coins, having more options when changing the scenery of the game and lots more. This hack would reveal the secrets of the celebrities which visit the resort well faster than the normal app. This is really exciting for gamers who played this game before.

The hack is usually available on multiple sites online which provides different varieties of hacks and cheats for this game making the game though probably less legal but more enjoyable for the public.

Most sites also claim to be able to generate coins by using the coin generator. It remains to be seen whether this actually works or not. Sidestar celebrity resort hack or not, this game is absolutely amazing and had delighted all of its users and gamers.

Therefore, if you are bored or have nothing doing in your leisure hours or if you just love gaming, sidestar celebrity resort game may just be what you need and for knows, maybe the hack could just turn to an absolute delight!

Your Groove Rock Gear Team 😉

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